Introducing MojoWin

MojoWin is the bridge between brick & mortar casinos and online gaming portals, enabling players to remotely participate at live gaming tables in casinos around the world, simply using their PC, tablet or smart phone.

We have designed a smart betting tool with the look and feel of a traditional gaming chip. We call it the Mojo — a player’s lucky charm. It is used to place bets by tapping a desired position on a touch screen of our casino gaming tables. Our patented technology enables for allocation of simultaneous bets on a shared gaming field to the right user.

Live players receive their Mojo directly at any MojoWinTable or MojoWin-compatible kiosk in the casino, or by subscribing at Every Mojo is connected to an appropriate account, where preferences, virtual money and/or real currency are securely stored. Registered members can participate remotely at any MojoWin™Table in participating casinos around the world by using an internet browser or our app on their PC, tablet or smart phone.

Our breakthrough technology is the only solution to offer live interaction between the players at casino gaming tables and the remote participants. For the first time, players of these two gaming worlds are brought together to share a game and socialize globally.